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In a life where we get to choose the rules. Choose your own life, be you and most of all live in the moment...
Our world is not only enveloped with Passion, but our compassion to serve and guide individuals to live a life of purpose and fulfillment brings it all together.

This is your world to be Inspired, be Guided, be Awesome.

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Bringing the whole picture together

Life Coaching - Personal one on one sessions

Public Speaking

Training Workshops

Corporate Coaching

Team Building

Bringing an event to life

Get your extra ordinary VIBE

Lizette's energy is contagious and brings any audience to life. Her thought provoking approach leaves every candidate eager to explore more.

No Event too big or too small to Excite and Inspire. Join so many others who have experienced first hand inspiration.

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I can show you how to get your life back on track

Are you tired of quick fixes? Nothing seems to go your way. You need your control back in your Life...
Call now and take the first step to a fulfilled and happy life.

What is wrong with me

‘I just don’t know what went wrong? He was so into me, he couldn’t stop texting me,

An eagle eye in trouble times…

This morning I woke up with a feeling of total despair, the feeling of not doing enough.

Which seat are reserved for you?

Keeping up with the Jones’s is becoming more and more a competition of who fits where and

Selective hearing, can cost you dearly…

Yes, sure, uh, mmm, of course. I am sure this sounds so familiar, and the emotions attached

Dedicated to make a change

Let me share your journey and take the load of for a while. I can show you the tools to live a passionate life.

What happens in Vegas...

Come and experience first hand how to grow and explore your core values, without being exposed to the world.

Happiness is an Inside Job

In a world of misery, challenges and disappointment, YOU get to choose to be happy all the time.

Put the remote in your hands

Who ever is controlling you right now, needs stop.
Take back the remote and take your life where you want it to be.

Putting it to Pen

Just think about it…

* Attitude is Everything *
* Happiness is an inside Job *
* Only you can change your direction *
* Live in the moment *
* Be YOU for YOU *

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