Creating a mindset of Hope

When we choose to hope, we acknowledge the expectation of our need or want. When ‘I hope I get the promotion”, my mind shift toward the promotion and my thoughts are led to actions required to head towards the goal.

Hope in turn creates the possibility of Change. This is the message that whatever we desire, could be possible. More so, it leads me to believe that I can do this, I can change, and I can choose the outcome.

Imagine if hope did not exist.  Will you be able to face challenges the way you do? Will you fight against the illness, the obstacles posed and direct your thoughts to heal?

If we believe it is impossible to create our dream job, we surrender hopefulness, and we lose the ability to create. We have accepted defeat.

Our mindset is formed out of our experiences and the ability to respond to praise, reward, failure and our environment as they filter through our personalities. Creating a mindset of hope is determined by the way we allow our thought patterns to run, we choose what, where and how we hope. 

For example, on going to bed tonight, I hope to wake up refreshed, eager to start the new day focussed on new challenges and hopeful that the new day will deliver what I have set my intention to be.

Ultimately, expectation is the invisible twin of hope. Creating a mindset of hope is nurturing the expectation, driving towards set goals and needs, fueled by experience and responses.

The question needing an answer is, what expectations am I nurturing? Am I going to hold on to my past experiences, people’s opinions and previous reminders of failed attempts OR am I going to decide that this is Day ONE?

I control my thoughts, I have the ability to change my future, I choose to create a new mindset of Hope. An expectation of my desire and need.

Isn’t it time, that you give yourself the gift of a positive mindset of Hope? Elevate yourself towards the change you want to see, position yourself to achieve and most of all nurture the expectation to work for you.

I urge you today, give yourself the gift of Hope. Raise your expectation to work for you, take your power back and create a mindset of hope.

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