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Meeting of the minds…

I had the privilege of taking a few weeks off and take a postmortem of business strategies, human behavior and our way of communication.

How many times have you spent time in a meeting, conversation or in a relationship, just to realize that no one is in synergy or on the same page? In most situations all parties are exposed to the exact same information and pictures, however, our interpretations reveal complete different worlds. This is where the art of “Meeting of the minds” comes to play and you need to ask yourself, how well can you play the role of understanding the communicators’ view?

Richard Eyre said “Change begins with understanding and understanding begins by identifying oneself with another person: In a word, empathy. The arts enable us to put ourselves in the mind, eyes, ears, and hearts of the human beings.”  

To really understand and communicate successfully, we need to know that only 7% of our words are communication, all the rest is nonverbal. How do we bring the other 93% in synchronization with all parties?

Simply put, do not assume nor ignore the fact that every persons’ vision and perception differs from everyone else. Every one of us has our own footprint and unique ability to color the picture in the colors that suit us best.

I have experienced first-hand how people argue for hours towards the same goal, yet their arguments came from different worlds and perception, and still at the end could not come to a conclusion or understanding.

Again, this is where your ability to read and understand the other parties’ view, will create a meeting of the minds, achieve the goals much sooner and a lot of conflicts will be bypassed through empathy and proper listening without assumption.

In closing, to ensure that we all end up on the same page, start listening with your communicators’ ears, open your mind to theirs and engage with sincerity and an open mind.

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