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Selective hearing, can cost you dearly…

Yes, sure, uh, mmm, of course. I am sure this sounds so familiar, and the emotions attached to it is clear as a bell.

In a world where technology dominates the world and the way we communicate, we are losing not only vital information, and losing business, but the intimacy of interacting with the real person is fading faster than we can type the next SMS.

It is very clear we have lost the skills of communication. Not only the skills of communication but also the humanity part of relationship building, whether it is in business or in our personal life.

Life is passing us by, whilst we depend on our Smartphones, I-pads, Tablets, and everlasting apps. Instead of taking time out to spend time with Mentors, family and elders, hearing, feeling and interact the real message that is being put across, instead of just reading the words. 

It is Scientifically proven that communication consists of only 7% of the words, 38% the tonality and 55% the physiology. Thus whilst reading this blog, you are really only experiencing 7% of the message I really want to put across, the rest will be your own experience and imagination, putting the picture together.

Isn’t it time that we choose to be more selective in what we hear, and start listening to what is really said. Live in the now, and pay attention. It could just mean the difference between the signed contract or a cold shoulder with empty pockets.

We need to understand that we are all different unique individuals with different ways of communication. The way information is given to us, is just as vital as what we present it to others. Our internal representation system can only process it to its full capacity if it is presented in the best way we can process it. Our unconscious mind can only observe the non-verbal words, whilst we are listening sincerely and consciously what is said.

Thus, a general email to all your clients is not the answer to building a quality network base. Face to face, understanding and listening to the real needs, would ensure more accurate business, and rapport with a human touch. The time has come that we have to take time out and Stop and smell the roses, open our minds to listen and not just hearing the selective buying signals.

So before you concentrate on how many phone calls you can make before noon, the 100 emails per week, saving time in traffic, spend less time on short cuts, utilize the technology for quick references, smarter work processes, but get off your office chair and get out there and listen to the smoke signals you have been missing.

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