Lizette Volkwyn | Master Coach

Time is irrelevant…

In a world of chasing numbers and chasing time, we have lost our focus to concentrate on detail, quality, and authenticity.

Time is irrelevant if we shift our focus doing what is right and not what is easy. Doing what is right all the time, ensures a continuous success recipe, driving time and numbers. The moment time becomes the driver, anxiety, short cuts, lack of confidence, and intentional blindness, becomes passengers in this Time machine. 

When was the last time you had a planned sale? Yes, that’s right a planned sale. Not a race against the competitor, hope for the best presentation nor a JIT tender, ticking off the list. Time is irrelevant if you keep to the end-goal and adjust the journey to reach the finishing line. 


Anxiety, short cuts, lack of confidence, and intentional blindness kicks in, the moment we realize time has run out. The old cliché, planning to fail is a plan to fail…is just another way of saying you have lost your focus on the ball. Whether you are a clock watcher or a hustler, time is a constant no one can adjust or change, adjust your lens to what you can change, improve and excel. Changing your mindset enhances your eyes to details, improves quality and YOUR uniqueness filters through. The “you-touch” no one else can bring.

You may say, but EVERYONE is time-bounded, you will lose the deals. Streamlining your processes, enhancing detail, improving quality and keeping your authenticity, IS a magic Credit card that buys time and extends your minutes. 

To re-adjust your focus and obtain this magic Credit Card contact Lizette at 072 431 2023 to set-up a revolutionary Coaching session, and stand a chance to win your first 3 sessions for free.

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