Lizette Volkwyn | Master Coach

What is wrong with me?

‘I just don’t know what went wrong? He was so into me, he couldn’t stop texting me, calling me, loving me…and then nothing.

He is just not feeling it as yet, do not want to commit, I am fun to be around but he is not ready for a serious commitment…’

A too familiar scenario of late and the first question that pops in too mind, what is wrong with me?

The truth be told, there is NOTHING wrong with us. What is wrong with this picture is the fact that we have our expectations of someone who did not live up to the expectations of our picture of a love affair. 

We join the pity party of rejection, ‘not being good enough’ and “I will rather be single for the rest of my life”, than facing reality and level up to the NEXTME…

Every time we question our capability, participate in the blame game we enroll ourselves to another pity party where everyone loses.

‘I have to tell you about this crazy experience I’ve just had where I have learned so much about this guy, a very likable guy as a matter fact, the butterflies started a chariots flight every time I saw him….

We don’t have a future, but I’ve learned so much of what I want, what I didn’t like and what I would accept… I am so open to growing into the real relationship that will serve the NEXTME..’

How much more does this approach serve your NEXTME… the person who matters most? 

Isn’t it time that we start taking the sting out of relationships, expectations of life and start exploring the opportunities, possibilities that flow in and out of life…stop labeling and start living.

Nothing is wrong with me, I am ME, as a matter of fact, I am the NEXTME.

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