Lizette Volkwyn | Master Coach

Where did my purpose go…

After years of giving her everything to her family, friends, career, and dog she woke up one morning, feeling empty with a cloud of sadness leading the way. A void has set in, nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.

The realization of living a purpose-driven life for everyone else came to a total standstill when the little voice inside came knocking with a bang. 

How long am I going to be ignored? Do you even remember what I prefer? Could you remember the days of fun and laughter? Remember the days when every day was a fulfilled day with personal successes and purpose?

STOP, just stop I don’t need to listen to this…you don’t? How has this approach worked for you up to now? 

I thought so, it made you miserable, confused, feeling neglected and depressed. Where did your purpose go?

In a world of performances, KPI’s, demands and survival we focus so much on the ‘making ends meet’ we forget to live towards our purpose and passion. The sad part is that we deny ourselves a passionate, purposeful life and lose our soul in the process.

It is time, we take two steps back, re-discover our core, what excites us and most of all recognize the real me.

The more we focus on our core value, the more we can understand what ignites our passion and purpose. If creativity, empowerment, and caring comes to mind, our lives need to move towards opportunity which will allow us to care for people/animals, create events or products where I could empower myself and everyone around me.

If Adventure, Independence, Impulsive, Risk-taker jumps to mind…your purpose should be inline of travel, variation, entrepreneurial or even the stocks… These are just an example or two of how you could find your purpose and become more fulfilled.

The purpose is embedded within your core, begging to align yourself and your life towards excitement, passion, fun, dreams, and happiness.

After years of playing death, stubbornly ignoring the voices of passion, isn’t it time for you to find your purpose and become so much more YOU?

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