Lizette Volkwyn | Master Coach

Which seat are reserved for you?

Keeping up with the Jones’s is becoming more and more competition of who fits where and who is living life to the fullest, and who is watching and wishing from the sideline.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a sales executive, administrator or CEO of a corporate environment, your direct performance and positioning are based on which seat you have reserved for yourself. Have you made that choice yet?

How you see yourself, is the way you will project to others. If you are happy to be the average sales executive, the CEO of a company that creates profit, or an entrepreneur that makes ends meet. Guess which seat you have chosen….anything from the third row down….

Nothing will be a surprise, everything that happens is expected, and already patented, reserved or achieved. You settled by becoming a follower. It is understandable, not all of us can sit in the front row all the time, yet what we aim at that is where we will end up.

Once you’ve spent the effort to pitch up, create and deliver, why not make it worth your while and get the best out of the time and effort. Reserve the front seat, not only are they the best seats in the house, but you are bound to see the whole show. Thus, you will understand the business, you will see what is happening from every angle and you will always be one up on the competition. You will become the CEO, the sales executive, creator or entrepreneur that becomes the talk of the Town.

Experience the vibe, live in the moment, laugh, cry, feel, scream, anticipate, predict, experience the surprise, venture, most of all love it with passion. Yes, didn’t we all envy the front-rowers sometime or another in our lives?  The best Salesman, the Entrepreneur of the Year, Top Company of the Year, etc., etc., etc. Yes, you are right, they were seated in the front row!

What happens in your personal life? Which seat do you reserve for yourself? Are you always taking the backseat? Don’t blame it on the bunny, you are in control, it is your choice. Either step out of the doom and gloom and enter the spotlight, or stop complaining. 

People who are successful in all spheres of their lives are continually aiming for the front row. They are where the action is, if not they are creating it. 

This brings me to my next point, to expect to be in the front row, you need to understand and love yourself. You need to know who you are and what you want in life. One of my mentors pushed me to dig very deep within and what I have found several times, were a lot of heavy baggage that served no purpose in my life. I’ve rebelled and loved the sentiments I was carrying, even though it dragged me down. I woke up one day and realized, either I am a victim or I am a victor, and a victor has no place for lost baggage.

I am aiming for the front row, every single time and most of the time I end up feeling the vibe, experience the adrenaline rush, feel the passion and are in touch of all my surroundings. I might be caught by the wind, but with so much fun, who is complaining!

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