Year-end “No I’m not ready yet!”

Written by on August 26, 2019

It is the Silly season and are we ready? Hell no, we are never ready for the Silly season, the Bucket List is still full, the paperwork is still stacked in a drawer and the client needs delivery yesterday!

I’ve decided this year to change my approach, instead of slacking down, I am going to pick up speed and get onto Highway 2015 ramp, well ahead of time…

Empty your current bucket list, if you haven’t touched it for the past 11 months believe you me chances are you not going to tackle it now.  As for the paperwork, if you didn’t require it in the past 11 months, you won’t need it now. Let’s start afresh, not after the holidays, not in the middle of January but NOW.

Imagine a carefree holiday, no spoiler alerts of stacked drawers, guilt trips of unfinished bucket lists nor any mind space for a To-do-list. Just a carefree holiday, bathing in the sun, having fun and spending quality time with what you love best.

Maybe it is easier said than done, but consider this, every year we return with avenges, just to realize half our leads have gone cold, the Gremlins attacked the offices with Christmas trimmings lying all over the place (Prestik lasts only that long) and we need to decipher the paperwork from File 13 to the Important admin weekly tray.

Thus ready or not, let us change the dead zone into combat planning and make the most of the next month ahead of us. Replace the bucket list, with let’s do it, go paperless and scan the important documents and as for the leads, go motivate the buyer as if it is your last client on earth.

I’m flying by, Workshops Checked, Manuals Ready, E-books planned, Website done, Social Updates yes….so as I approach the Holiday landing strip, there is no need to buckle up….I am ready for the shoot…..


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