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You were made for you…

When we were born, we are born as unique individuals, a true self, pure, spontaneous and with a character without influence or judgment.

True Self and False Self are concepts introduced into psychoanalysis in 1960 by D.W. Winnicott. He used “True Self” to describe a sense of self-based on spontaneous authentic experience, and a feeling of being alive, having a real self. 

“False self” by contrast Winnicott saw as a defensive façade, one which in extreme cases could leave its holders lacking spontaneity and feeling dead and empty, behind a mere appearance of being real.

Brandi Carlile sings “The Story”, inspired by this song, I realized that we all have a natural inclination to belong to someone and want to believe that we are made for someone special out there. THEN, it dawned on me, I am that someone special, no one can be me, and if I take this song and sing it to myself, I WAS MADE FOR YOU…the true self, authenticated and fulfilled.

God created each of us with a very unique authenticity, yet we always propel ourselves to impress others and base our emotions on their opinions. No one can be you, it is time to step up and be the real you, reveal the real you, and experience how the shackles of being an imposter set you free.

Change the way you look at yourself, and you can expect life to change around you. Accepting the real you, is like throwing a pebble in a pond and as it touches the water, your ripples affect the people around you, and everyone’s circle becomes bigger and bigger.

Not everyone will take to it so kindly, but that is okay too, if they are meant to be in your life, they will stay. Loving yourself from within will reflect a very unique light which will embrace the world around you with true love, respect, and authenticity.

Nobody can be you, choose to reject the lies that darken and mask your True Self. Fall in love with you, because YOU ARE MADE FOR YOU!

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