Lizette Volkwyn | Master Coach

Lock down is making me BONKERS

It is day six of our lockdown in South Africa and it is really getting under my nerves. I started with a great attitude, a perfect routine and I even had the meals worked out to the tee. Then, humanity kicked in and my rebel […]

Owning your presence

I once met this old man, whilst traveling. I guess as a tourist, anything goes. His coat was tacky, his hair in desperate need of grooming, and his age betrayed by his body…but something pulled me back, calling me to start a conversation with this […]

You were made for you…

When we were born, we are born as unique individuals, a true self, pure, spontaneous and with a character without influence or judgment. True Self and False Self are concepts introduced into psychoanalysis in 1960 by D.W. Winnicott. He used “True Self” to describe a […]

Where did my purpose go…

After years of giving her everything to her family, friends, career, and dog she woke up one morning, feeling empty with a cloud of sadness leading the way. A void has set in, nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. The realization of living a […]

What is wrong with me?

‘I just don’t know what went wrong? He was so into me, he couldn’t stop texting me, calling me, loving me…and then nothing. He is just not feeling it as yet, do not want to commit, I am fun to be around but he is […]

We all have a Pinocchio within…

In a society where networking and business relationship building is vital for progress and success, it is unfortunate that there is NO ONE that does not Lie at least once in a general conversation. Author Susan Spira said, “White lies are the common decency holding […]

Time is irrelevant…

In a world of chasing numbers and chasing time, we have lost our focus to concentrate on detail, quality, and authenticity. Time is irrelevant if we shift our focus doing what is right and not what is easy. Doing what is right all the time, […]