Lizette Volkwyn is a dynamic and energetic Master Life Coach, with a passion to empower individuals to excel in life.

Her expertise extends to Human Lie Detection, NLP, Training, Author and Inspirational Speaker. 

Lizette’s no-nonsense, down to earth approach, invites you to open up and explore your true self, giving you the gift of self-acceptance and empowerment.

Being one of the top 3, Emerging Entrepreneurs for Business Woman of South Africa 2018, Finalist in Margaret Hirsch’s Woman in Business and Ambassador for Womantrepreneur SA, she prides herself, that she does not leave any stone un-turn until Excellent results has been achieved. 

A dedicated wife, mother of three and grandmother of  three, she keeps a fine balance between family life and work, or as she puts it, her passion. After being in the corporate environment for over 25 years, she ventured into her own practice over five years ago. 

Now, Face-off Pty Ltd is a training house for new Life Coaches to be, Sales Teams and Managers. She also Present Powerful Keynotes, Lead Public Events and Guides individuals and businesses alike,  to empowerment and self-growth. 

Launching a global online program in February, she hopes to reach more individuals to explore the Adventure of Self-Discovery.

It is through her day to day experiences with clients’ challenges, she pursue putting Finding Me, pen to paper. 

In Finding Me, a Self-Discovery Adventure, the curiosity of Self-Exploration will be triggered and you will be motivated to build an arsenal of positive Self-Worth.

Accepting the truths, eliminating the Self-Doubts and creating a lifestyle of substance, purpose and love is only a few of the adventures that awaits you.

In a short span of time she has sold over 750 Copies and is presenting workshops all over the country. 

Meeting Lizette Volkwyn, is finding your own Awesome Life Guide for Life.